Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank you writer guy. I'm glad that someone realizes the ebb and flow are natural.So when your friend is feeling down, don't throw them under the bus for being 'negative', help them out. Of course, I have to pay a little bit more attention to my ebbs and flows than others might have to.

When I'm able to do one thing, another thing often falters. For example, right now I am doing a ton of laundry, but I have no motivation to do much else. When I get into say, writing, my laundry will be neglected. I have to do very small steps. Tomorrow I'll do the other half of that application. I couldn't do the whole thing, even though I did four loads of laundry[I'm not sure how many loads that translates to in normal person- imagine you did ten in a day, that's the equivalent of four loads for me]

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