Monday, August 03, 2009

Personally, I don't care if this Gala darling is bankrolled by her parents or not. To create a successful business,you must have time, money and maybe some drive. The more of each you have, the better, but the more time or money you have, the less drive you need. As a person who does my best when I'm having fun, that appeals to me. Lately I've been so concerned about my 30 hour a week unpaid job that I haven't been able to do as much jewelry making as I want to do. I find that goofing off brings creativity to the fore. When I work hard, I just want to sleep on my days off.


Unknown said...

ahhh..had to search for the reason for your opening line.

just about every week or so i'm sitting up here thinking about how great it's be if i had rich relatives who could back me. that way i could just do my thing without having to worry or be concerned about where the funds are going to come from just so i can pay bills and not end up living in my car. (which is, thankfully, paid for)

if that's the case, she's got it made. (i'm saying this from a position of not really knowing anything else about her)

shannon said...

Oh yea, the stuff in pink is a link, sorry. I am a lazy bastard, so I live at home.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!