Thursday, June 03, 2004

Cassowary Buttons Is Involved In a Contest!

With the help of other indie merchants from The Switchboards, I am part of a contest! With purchase of Cassowary Buttons goods, you can enter to win a basket worth nearly ninety dollars and packed with goodies from bracelets to earrings to purses to cards. Here are pictures of what is included. You not only get goodies, you help support indie merchants, which is very important, because the money from these goods can help keep a mom home with her child, give a college student extra time to study, and also employ people. America needs people who own their own businesses and keep the dollars in their community. The big box store may also sell purses, but they are made overseas with the hands of children, not employing people here at home. So, help the economy recover, buy from an indie merchant today.

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