Monday, March 03, 2008

Live blogging the etsy treehouse chat; 10:30; My thoughts and a summary:

10:30-10:36 Matt seems to disagree with admin getting unfair advantages on their seller accounts. He says he will avoid specific questions. Matt admits that we made mistakes. Talks about consistent actions; policies.

10:37- 10:40 : Matt says that policies will be created so that accidental closures will be less likely. Sarahsays notes that if you're afraid to speak your mind email at Danielexo said we should respect each other, but I think she is rude. Opened up for discussion. Free chat on feedback. Matt talks about miscommunications.

10:41-10:45 sellers express desires to respond to feedback. Discussion on the convo system. I suggest that we need to be able to remove neutrals. some sellers do not want detailed feedback system. Stella talks about how etsy support only has english speakers.
10:46-10:50 feedback and shipping times- should etsy be invovled? Should etsy be invovled in buyer seller disputes? Many say no- although some say that they should if they look for behavior patterns, instead of just one strike. Matt suggests a safe market place- intervention if people don't send or don't buy.

10:50- 11:06 Closure based on feedback is suggested. Stella says that if we disclose the feedback threshold, people will game the system. Stella says something about new communication tools. Matt says profiles need a revamp. Emily says something about notification that I don't understand. We can work it out, all the admins sing. Let's all communicate!

Matt- some stuff should be on a case to case basis, but we need to have clear policies. Sellers suggest training for admins. Flow charts are suggested. People suggest telephone calls too. There may be changes in the flagging system, Matt suggests. Matt suggests that 6 support people were hired. Seller board? Matt- interesting idea, sensitive info... Pro mod service? Matt: says something about consistent policies, being more careful. *imagines them as rent a cops* soap dislikes vigilante youth groups, Matt loves everyone- is he high? Matt doesn't know how Canada Post works. Emily says the customs form is proof. Emily says receipts can be proof. Matt would love to be able to delete a bad post, without letting the thread being closed down. Rokali hasn't said anything for a long time. Matt says admins shouldn't change what they post.

Sarahsays that some threads were deleted because of legal notice.Venessa and comment moderation in storque: it is a blog, not like the forums. appaently they need to keep a nice front.

Ok, at 11:08, I am ending, because the truth is that I need to lay down and cough.


The Scenic Route said...

Wow! I'm not even sure what meeting these notes are from, but they were very informative. Thanks button-loads for writing them down!

shannon said...

they aren't complete minutes. Matt an etsy admin called a chat in the treehouse about policies. I put a little bit of it down so that before the official minutes are published, people can get a flavor of what went on.