Monday, March 17, 2008

rants: are they allowed on alchemy?

posted so that people can see it when they take it down:

I don't need anything made, but I have a request for those of you would like a custom piece:
I've been looking through Alchemy at the disrespectfully low prices people want to pay for CUSTOM HANDMADE clothing. You're asking someone to make you something because you can't find it anywhere else, be it an artistic vision, or something to fit your personal body type.
Here's what us sewers have to pay out of pocket:
Fabric costs (quality fabric is expensive!)
Thread costs
Time and Gas to drive to the fabric store.
Water and electric to wash and pre-shrink fabrics (So your finished piece doesn't become too small the first time you wash it)
Electric to run the machines and the iron
Rent/mortgage for the space we work in
Internet so we can take your orders
Time and gas to the post office
TIME to work with you to figure out what you want
TIME to design the piece
TIME to measure, cut, pin and sew it all together.

Thanks for taking the time to consider everything we put into our art. ~Peace~

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