Sunday, March 02, 2008

We get the same ol' 'well, I mine the metal for my beads myself' thread, and so I'd like to point out something. There are probably 200,0000 jewelers on etsy[a million folks on etsy, rob says, 25% jewelry etsy tools says]. A juried site might take 100, or maybe 500 if they were being really expansive. So basically, no matter how much better you think your craft is than everyone else's- this juried site would have you on the outs.

I'd rather let everyone come in and play, even if I don't like their work, than to set up barriers for my ego. I am online showing my jewelry to sell. I can't sell anything if I've got no platform. I've sold only 64 items, but I sold them because instead of spending my time worrying if I could fit into someone's idea of what was worthy of being called this or that, I was able to spend my time promoting and spend my time improving my craft and my photos. I say that the person who is putting a pendant on a chain one day is going to start beading the next, and then comes metal working and wirewrapping and by the end, you have a great jeweler, but they couldn't have gotten that far if at the beginning they didn't have any place to grow artistically.

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Infinite Cosmos said...

amen to that! well put!