Thursday, August 13, 2009

I very much disagree with this post on black entrepreneurship. I live in Memphis, where we have black owned restaurants, black owned hair shops, black owned banks. I also hang out on etsy, where we have etsy artists of color, many of whom are black. I don't think our work ethic is worse than the work ethic of other racial groups.

I come from entrepreneurs. My dad is a landlord. My granddad sold produce on the side of the road. My dad's grandma also used to do that, although she didn't grow all the produce herself. It's not true that there's no history. We've been doing for ourselves since reconstruction.

Personally, I think it's important to support small business because it makes the biodiversity of the business landscape stronger. Since we're small, we don't have stock holders trying to make us water down our product so we can have profit increases every 3 months. We can innovate.

Also, supporting small business supports families and the community. When you buy soap from a mom, you could be making it possible for her to stay at home where she wants to be. You could be supporting a student in their education. I know I don't stack my earnings up in a secret swiss account. I'm out buying from other businesses and pumping up the economy.

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