Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Saga of the Manga Bin

I accumulate manga. As one series can go into 20 books, storage is a big problem of course. My bookshelves were crowded, so I went to the manga bin. How it looked at first:
the manga bin

Mostly, I threw manga I had read into this plastic tub. It kept the manga mostly corralled, but some pages were folded and it was hard to find the exact volume I wanted.

the clean manga tub

It took me 30 minutes to clean out the manga bin to create the above neater manga bin. It has less storage, but it is easier to view the titles.


Cover That Mother said...

I need to do that with my books. I'm quickly running out of shelf space. The clear bins look like a good alternative.

missbmckay said...
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missbmckay said...

My daughter is a Manga fan. I know her shelves get like that too. We can't get enough!

shannon said...

Yea, with books you always don't have enough space. I've been clearing things out, and using the library[to read FMA 6-18], but my favorites are still usually the longer series.

ITIL training said...

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JanuskieZ said...
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