Monday, August 24, 2009

it's hard to take pictures

I was listening to Here and Now and listened to the author of How the Mighty Fall. The upshot of his interview is that slow and steady attention to the core of the business keeps a business strong, and that getting greedy and losing sight of the cold hard facts are a recipe for business failure. The losing sight of cold hard facts is of course a big problem in artisan business, since artists tend to be slightly less than down to earth.

The whole interview reminded me of Deluxe. In the pursuit of growth, they forgot the importance of quality. I'm not going to be inspired to buy a $300 dress when I know they use the same poorly paid labor as the makers of a $30 dress are using.

So today's business lesson is to keep it simple. I'm trying to get my photo skills back up to pair. In my haitus, I lost my beading thread, but I think I have spotted it.


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