Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I want to blog in support of the selling of supplies on etsy. People say that we can just go to a brick and mortar shop such as Michaels, but I have to admit that the variety and quality of supplies on offer is not up to snuff. I can't find ring bases there, for example, or the really unique supplies that help me create the designs that bring eyes to my shop. The same old Michaels stuff doesn't bring people into my shop- they've seen it all before. And yes, we could go to ebay, but items bought on ebay don't bring cash into etsy that they can use to do things like fix the search and make new features. So stay supply sellers! I love you!

Ok, I love me too.


Courtney Watson said...

Found ya in the Etsy forums- stopping by to say hello!

If I *have to* buy supplies, I do it on Etsy to support my fellow shopkeepers!

shannon said...

hiii! I love buying supplies though.