Monday, April 21, 2008

In the middle of my no renew experiment, there is a furor about renewing on etsy. Apparently they changed it so that you don't get as much time if you renew.Of course, I was renewing for a little exposure, so I won't be affected by that. My sales are only slightly down from March in which I renewed three times per day. I may renew once per day when I stop my experiment as it didn't ruin my sales or anything when I didn't renew at all.


Miss Madelaine said...

I was really sad to hear about the new renewal thing. Of course it makes sense not have things expiring until 2100, but I feel kind of ripped off. :/ I think I will just list new things more often instead of renewing.

Best of luck with your experiment! I hope it goes well!

animeg said...

I try to list new things, but it makes me have less stock to spread over into my other venues, which is a problem.

Velcromom said...

I tried a listing experiment too and didn't see an increase in sales, so I stopped the daily relists. I'm concentrating on more promotion outside Etsy instead.