Monday, April 14, 2008

Indiepublic has been sold?! An email received by me:

Dear IndiePublic Members -

First off, I'd like to take a moment to thank Sion for creating this awesome network of people - we are now over 6,700 strong and growing every day!

It is with great excitement that I write to you to introduce myself! I'm thrilled to be the new steward of indiepublic - Sion has created a wonderful community and my overall goal is to maintain the indie spirit.

My name is Casie Metcalf and I live in Portland, Maine. I do have an almost three year old son (Andrew) who keeps me hopping, a wonderfully supportive husband and more ideas than there are hours in the day!

Timing is everything and within days of being laid off from the local newspaper (after 10 years), Sion offered indiepublic for sale. This offer came at the exact right time for me and I think will be a great fit.

Thank you all for the kind words and support that many of you have shown since Sion's announcement. I do appreciate each and every one! I'm sure we'll get to know one another much better in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions, comments or suggestions - I'm always open to new ideas.

Stay tuned - I'll be re-introducing the member of the day feature next Monday. And I hope to get the indiecontests site up and accepting new deals and contests shortly.


Artisan Wire Wrapped Jewelry said...

Congrats and best wishes!

shannon said...

? I have nothing to do. Bolded in my blog means I'm quoting something.