Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm having a tough time. The google base store connector isn't working with my etsy store, it's been rainy all week, which has been affecting my photos, and I am a bit slow on the listing front. I was able to ship out a big ebay sale within 12 hours of payment, which was good, though. I bought some big mailers for my ebay items. It's tough to use boxes because they always increase the weight of your package by several ounces, which is especially bad as shipping costs will probably increase again.


Waterrose said...

i'm sure things will get better....just think there are some people who would love some me!

shannon said...

well, the sun came out today, and I have to admit I thought 'well, some people are being stabbed in the ear- but that doesn't make my day much better'. Which is why I am not an all american type.