Sunday, November 30, 2008

abalone on green

Should successful sellers leave etsy?

No, because some folks make stuff like prints or soap and so they can sell a lot of that, and if they left, then when we want to buy their prints or soap, we have to go all the way someplace else to find them, and that's a hassle. Also, sometimes I go and make say, ten pairs of earrings a day and list them on etsy because I just don't wear earrings. So some people are just fast.

And I bought from dennis anderson, just because I wanted to buy some of his soap. Is that really so wrong?!


Kim said...

why would that be wrong?
His soap looks amazing and he has a good rep, all good reasons TO buy. If someone is successful, they are doing something right, they are producing a great product. Helping the little guy is fine, but there's nothing wrong w/ purchasing from those who have proven their product is worth your

Dana said...

I think this comes down to a personal decision on the part of every Etsy seller...and every seller should recognize whether Etsy is "working" for them, or not.

For me, Etsy is just a branch of a bigger tree. I sell most of my jewelry locally, and about 1/2 of my soap on Etsy.

I don't expect Etsy to be the "end all, be all" of my selling strategies. So for me, it works!

shannon said...

Yea, I like to help little soapers, but dennis has been on my list for a long time and he was all like I'm having a black friday blowout and I wanted to get in on that

shannon said...

I like to sell on many different online venues, as I don't do well in real life, but just etsy? it's not going to work for most.