Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's Etsian Guide to Life is... how to sell items in your sleep!

It can be tiring to do all that promotional footwork, but there are some things you can do to sell items without doing much work at all!

1)Make your titles google friendly. When someone is looking for something to buy, they usually don't type in something fanciful like 'Maria Maria Earrings' it's probably more like like 'Sterling Silver with Red Stone Earrings'. Take advantage of that tendency. Have what your item is, what it's made of, and other relevant things in your title so that google can pick them up.

2)Use your tags. In etsy search, it's title and tags as the default. If you have many descriptive tags that people will search for, your item is more likely to pop up than if you have three tags with words like pretty wonderful beautiful on them. No one searches for wonderful but people do search for colors, occasions, and people. If your bow looks like something a little girl would wear tag girl tag children tag kids.

3)Have plenty of items! It's much harder for people to find one of your three items than one of your hundred items. People may go into your shop to see one item but something completely different catches their eye. The more items, the more opportunities for people to come into your shop!


SillyLittleLady said...

Great tips! and thanks for the tip on my blog about my armwarmers :)

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Kim Caro said...

yes unless you are someone like emily martin, then you can make titles like that

eeniemoni said...

great tips