Sunday, November 09, 2008

Today's etsian guide to life is can you still sell items if you complain/ don't stay positive?

Yes, you can. Even if you notice that your items are on page 100, that your pictures aren't showing up, or some weird search glitch makes it so your items can't be found and say "what? I'm paying good money for this! Fix this crap!", this has nothing to do with sales or how hard you work or the value of you as a person.

I think that assuming that anyone who has anything but the most glowing remarks about everything isn't working or doing anything is an error in thinking. Let's say that Sally Etsier complains in the forums for thirty minutes a day. They still have hours and hours to build up their business! Sally may even have in another tab[in internet time, tabbed browsing is 25 years old.] all sorts of promotional stuff! So when we assume that people who may be more aware of situations than others aren't working, we're being a lot more negative than the person who is aware and talking is.

Another issue is that you're on the internet. Maybe in real life you do have to be a used car salesman, but online, good pictures, good promotion, good product wins over thinking happy thoughts every time. I buy things on the internet all the time, and everything pleases or displeases me when I get it in my mailbox based on the merit of the product, not whether people act like they smoked something they weren't supposed to. In fact, I prefer people who are down to earth and realistic.


fly tie said...

well put. and such a refreshing diversion from the usual discourse on this subject.

OnMyOwn said...

Just don't take it too far. Etsy WILL shut you up or shut you down if you get too opinionated.

I lost my two shops last week over something I said in an outside blog.